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We train and place fully trained diabetic alert dogs and psychiatric dogs in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois and Northern Iowa.

In Person Training

At My Dog and Me, LLC we are proud supporters of service dog teams of all kind, including the owner trained service dog. 

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 We have a variety of online resources and programs to help you train your own service dog.


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There is a science to training dogs.  A science governed by laws as real as the ones the govern physics or chemistry.  We are dedicated to not just using that science with our own dogs, but empowering owner trainers with it too.

Balance public outings with adolescence

Balance public outings with adolescence

This live was inspired by a question one of my academy members had on a recent Q&A. She wanted to know how to handle public outings and public access training while dealing with unpredictable adolescent behavior. See, somedays her adolescent SDiT is brilliant....

Where to start?

Where to start?

Introduction: Advanced Beginnings When it comes to getting your service dog started off the right foot, there is a concept I learned during a five day training seminar with the amazing trainers at Service Dogs Inc in Texas, called Advanced Beginnings. What this...