Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to be customizable and flexible so that we can offer as much or as little assistance as you need. At minimum, you’ll meet with our trainer once a week for six to ten months. However, if you are looking for more help, we can do some (or all) of your dog’s training for you by completing various board and train programs in which your dog would come stay with us for a period of time.

The following programs are our base programs, and are completely customizable.  Contact us to learn more about what program is right for you or what customizations might be available.

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Program 1:
This program is great for people who have the time and the energy to train their dog themselves but are looking for the guidance of a professional trainer. Through weekly private lessons and group classes we will help you with every step of your dog’s training.  This program will take a year to complete.

Program Includes:
-One year worth of private lessons
-One year worth of group classes

Program 2:

If you want your dog’s training to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, this program is for you. This program is unique in that it allows you to get all the benefits of training a service dog yourself as well as all the benefits that come with buying a fully trained dog from a program including:

-A low wait time
-Have your dog trained the way you want and to do the things you need.
-You get to be a part of the whole process from start to finish.

You also get all the benefits that come with purchasing a fully trained service dog including:

-Speed and ease of training.
-Lifetime support from professional service dog trainers.

We have designed this program so that you can have a fully trained service dog in as little as six months.  We’ll spend three days a week for six months training your dog for you.  You then practice your dog’s new skills and behaviors during the rest of the week. This means your dog’s training will go faster, more smoothly, and with less work for you.

Program includes:
-Three days of training a week for six months
-One year of private lessons
-Lifetime Support
-Unlimited group classes for your dog’s life
-All recommended training equipment


Program 3:
For people who feel too overwhelmed, too exhausted, or just want things to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, this program allows your dog to live with us for six straight months so that we can complete every aspect of his training for you.

We’ll teach your dog all his obedience, how to do his task(s), and how to do all those things in public. All you have to do is learn how to maintain your dog’s training, something we’ll help you with.

Program includes:
-Six months of board and train
-Lifetime Support
-Unlimited group classes for your dog’s whole life
-All recommended training equipment

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