Psychiatric Service Dogs

Invisible disorders such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder (among others) are as complicated and difficult to live with as any other more visible disorder.  Our specially trained service dogs can help give you the confidence, independence, and security you have been looking for.

What our dogs do:
Because these disorders are as unique as the people who live with them, we will tailor your dog’s training specifically for you.  Your dog will help you with the things you need most.  Along with formal training to teach these service dogs their “tasks,” we also find that these dogs help to improve quality of life by helping with sleep quality, feelings of loneliness and seclusion, lower rates of anxiety and panic attacks simply by being.

Here are just a few examples of things we can  train our dogs to do for you:

-Ground the handler to present place and time when struggling with PTSD flashbacks or panic attacks.
-Remind owner to take medications at specific times.
-Assist handler by creating space from other people when in public.
-Find and lead handler to exits.
-Alert to and help prevent oncoming panic attacks and help to ground handler during panic attacks.
-Assist with emotional overload in public places.
-Assist with sensory overload in public places.
-Interrupt repetitive and obsessive behaviors.
-Retrieve objects, provide balance during dizzy spells, or other tasks to help relieve physical symptoms.
-Tasks associated with other disabilities such as mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, or hearing impairment for those living with multiple or complicated disabilities.

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