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The service dog industry considers 120 hours of training over six months to be the minimum amount of time it takes to train a service dog.  In our experience, without the guidance of a professional trainer, most owners struggle for over a year and thousands of hours of training in an attempt to finish their dog’s training.

At My Dog and Me, LLC we are proud supporters of service dog teams of all kind, including the owner trained service dog. The training systems and protocols we’ll share with you in our training programs take the guess work, headaches, and extra time out of training your own service dog.  Our service dog training programs seek to support the owner-trained service dog team and are designed to be flexible, offering our clients as much, or as little, assistance as needed to achieve their goals.


What We Do

We are a support system for owners wanting to train their own diabetic alert dog or service dog for PTSD or other anxiety disorders.  Owners needing help training their dogs for other types of disability will be considered on a case by case basis. Other things we can help with:

-Find and evaluate a dog that shows potential for service work.
-Evaluate a dog you already own to determine if the dog has a suitable temperament for service work.
-Develop and implement an individualized training plan that fits your needs.