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** We are not currently taking new in-person students, please check out our online training to see if that would be a good fit for you and your dog**

Our service dog training programs seek to support the owner-trained service dog team and are designed to be flexible, offering our clients as much, or as little, assistance as needed to achieve their goals. We offer in-person private lessons for those living local to us, as well as online support via online courses and membership sites.


What We Do

We are a support system for owners wanting to train their own service dogs. Other things we can help with:

-Find and evaluate a dog that shows potential for service work.
-Evaluate a dog you already own to determine if the dog has a suitable temperament for service work.
-Develop and implement an individualized training plan that fits your needs.


What our students have to say:

Kate’s personality makes for a great teacher whether you’re looking for intense training–as with a service dog–or just hoping to bring some order to a less obedient situation. I felt even more confident after I looked into whom she trained with under the Karen Pryor Academy. Her work ethic allowed me to feel confident in the completion of our goal while her patient, kind demeanor let me know that there was no judgment if I made a mistake. As a result of her work, I am blessed to have a service dog who is also my furry best friend. I would not hesitate to work with Kate, again, should the opportunity arise.

Bethany and Reverend