Fully Trained Service Dogs

* We are not currently accepting applications for fully trained dogs*

Living with an invisible disability can be scary, hard, and isolating.  Our Diabetic Alert Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs can help give you back some of the independence and confidence your are looking for.

By the time one of our fully trained service dogs is placed with you, he will have undergone extensive training in all of his service dogs tasks and his public access training.

Getting a service dog for yourself or your child can be expensive and time consuming.  Why choose My Dog and Me, LLC?

  • We can fully train and place diabetic alert dogs and service dogs for PTSD, anxiety disorders, and other psychiatric disorders.
  • We place dogs for both adults and children living in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Iowa, the upper peninsula of Michigan and Northern Illinois.
  • All our dogs are custom trained to meet our clients needs.
  • We use all positive reinforcement, which means our dogs are not only reliable, they also want to work with you as much as you want to work with them.
  • Each of our fully trained dogs comes with health guarantees and lifetime support.


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Application Process

We are not currently accepting new applications.