What types of service dogs do you train?

We have the most experience with Psychiatric Service Dogs.  Our dogs can also be trained to do tasks associated with other disabilities such as mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, or hearing impairment for those living with multiple or complicated disabilities.

How much does a service dog cost? 

Fully trained service dog costs vary depending on factors.  What you want your dog to do, how far away you are from our facility in Sparta WI, your preferences for breed of dog, and how often you are willing to come to us for your follow up training vs. us coming to you will help determine the final cost.

Fully trained dogs usually cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

 We believe that finances shouldn’t stop anyone who needs a service dog from obtaining one, so we offer payment plans and help with fundraising.  In our experience, families have not had problems raising most of the needed money through fundraising if they cannot afford to pay for their dog out of pocket.

The best way to learn exactly how much a service dog will cost is to fill out our preliminary application and schedule your free consultation (held either in person or over the phone).

Why do your dogs cost so much?

Training a service dog and teaching their people properly is expensive, and we take the responsibility of training service dogs very seriously. That’s why we work with a very limited number of families each year so we can give each and every person and dog the one-on-one attention they need.

We invest hundreds of hours of training in each dog and hundreds more caring for them. We also invest thousands of dollars in extensive health testing, high quality dog food, treats, and training supplies into each dog.

Here is a sample breakdown of what it costs us to train and place a dog. 

  • $2,500 -Puppy price
  • $3,000 – Veterinary care, vaccines, preventatives, spay/neuter, health testing etc
  • $550 – Dog food
  • $350 – Training treats and supplies
  • $300 – Supplies such as collar, service dog vest, leash, crate etc
  • $8,500 – 10 months of board and training
  • $3,300 -Twelve weeks of follow up training in your home, our actual cost varies depending on the travel time and distance.

Total: $18,500 

How do I raise money? 

If you need to fundraise, we will be there every step of the way to help you out. 

Here are just a few of the ways our families have successfully raised the money they needed: 

  • Running a go fund me account.
  • Setting up an Amazon affiliate link
  • Help with fundraisers from churches or other community organizations.
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Community garage sales
  • Fundraising dinners and raffles
  • Halloween carnivals

Do you certify service dogs?

Certification is not required by law. However, service dog rights are legally protected under many federal and state laws making it important for service dogs to behave in a safe and reliable manner in public. For this reason, My Dog and Me service dog teams must pass various levels of testing starting with the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and the AKC Community Canine Test followed by a rigorous Public Access test based on the minimum standards set by the industry. Recertification is required annually.

We do not certify service dogs that have not come through one of our training programs.

How long is your wait time for a fully trained dog?

 Our average wait time from the time from when we receive a deposit to the time a dog is placed in their new home is usually about 2 years because we close our applications when the waitlist exceeds this amount of time.

Where do your dogs come from?

The health and temperament of our dogs is one of our top priorities, and both of those things start with the health and wellness of  a dog’s parents.  For that reason, we partner with a handful of carefully chosen and highly trusted breeders.

Do you train labradoodles?

While we have trained doodles (and a variety of other breeds in the past), we primarily work with Labrador retrievers.

How do I know my service dog will be healthy?

We take the health of our dogs very seriously. Not only do we care deeply for all our dogs and want them to be healthy, we also want our dogs to be able to work for as long as possible, and that requires good health. This means that while our dogs are with us they will receive top-notch veterinary care and before they are placed in their new homes they will receive:

  • Testing for their eyes, elbows, and hips
  • Heartworm testing
  • Intestinal parasite screen
  • Full physical exam
  • Full blood panel to check
  • All dogs will come with a certificate of health upon placement in their new homes and come with a health guarantee.

Do you place dogs with children?

Not at this time.

I don’t live near your facility will you still place a dog with me? I live outside of Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Northern Illinois, will you still place a dog with me?

Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to place service dogs within 5 hours of our facility in Sparta Wisconsin.