Eligibility Requirements

We don’t believe that blanket policies help our service dogs or the people that need them.  However, there are a few basic requirements we have found necessary to help ensure you and your new service dog are successful together.  Prospective clients must:

  • Be capable of using a computer for online learning as well as capable of communicating via email and text messaging.
  • Be willing and capable of completing all online, written, and reading assignments.
  • Be willing to take responsibility for  your new dog and follow your trainer’s advice.
  • Be financially capable of caring for your dog including dog food, veterinary care, grooming (if needed), and any other dog care related expense.
  • Have access to transportation as needed to take your dog to vet appointments.
  • Be willing to and capable of attending a five day team training camp at our facility in Sparta Wisconsin.
  • Be able to care for your new dog including:
    • Maintain a safe and secure living environment for your dog.
    • Provide proactive veterinary care and keep your dog well cared for and well groomed.
    • Provide safe exercise for your dog.
    • Care for your dog’s emotional and physical well being.
  • Be financially capable of paying our program fees, or willing to fundraise. In our experience, most of our families are capable of raising the full amount of money needed. We regularly partner with non-profits to help our clients raise the needed money.

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