Diabetic Alert Dogs

Living with diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes is hard and can be both scary and exhausting.  By alerting to changes in blood sugar, our service dogs can help provide the stability, safety, and independence you are searching for.

What our dogs do:
With their amazing sense of smell, our dogs can detect when your blood sugar leaves it’s normal range.  Through training they are taught to tell you about it.  This means that, while our dogs are not meant to replace your monitor, they can give you early warnings about changes in your blood sugar, sometimes even 20-45 minutes before your monitor can.  Our dogs can provide another way to monitor your blood sugar around the clock, giving you the peace of mind that comes with that knowledge.

Some of the things our dogs can be trained to do:
-Alert to blood sugar changes (high and/or low).
-Retrieve food or medication.
-Dial 911 on special devices.
-Public access training, testing, and certification.
-Tasks associated with other disabilities such as mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, or hearing impairment for those living with multiple or complicated disabilities.

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