How to apply for a fully trained service dog.

Wondering how to apply?  Follow the instructions below.  There is absolutely no obligation when sending in your application or speaking with us during your free consultation and there are no fees until step 5 in the application process. If you are unsure about whether you should train your own dog or if you’d prefer a fully trained dog, contact us using the form in on the Contact Us page.  

Step 1. FAQs: Make sure you have read our FAQs

Step 2. Application: Fill out and submit the online application below.  If you don’t hear back from us within 72 hours please email us directly. (If you’re using a mobile device click here to fill out the application).

Step 3. Submit Medical History Forms: Have your physician and/or therapist fill out and mail the following questionnaires to us:

-Psychiatric Service Dog Medical History Forms:

Medical history form which can be downloaded here.  Please note: a medical history form is required from each of your physicians and/or therapists.  Please check with your physician as you may be required to sign a medical release other than the one provided.

Therapist questionnaire which can be downloaded here.

Diabetic Alert Dog Medical History Forms: These are in the process of being updated.  You can submit the application below and we’ll email you instructions.

Step 4. Consultation: Once we receive your application and questionnaires from you physician and/or therapist we’ll contact you to schedule your consultation, which depending on your location can take place at our facility in Sparta WI or via Skype.  If you have current pets we will require a veterinary reference at this point.

Step 5. Home Visit: After your consultation we’ll schedule a home visit, the fee for this varies based on travel but is put towards the cost of a service dog.

Step 6. Approval and Deposit: Once we’ve completed the home visit we’ll officially approve your application.  At this point we require a $2,500 deposit (that we also put towards the cost of the service dog) and we’ll put you on the waiting list!