About the Process

We are dedicated to making sure you have success with your new service dog, and that means you have things to learn too.  Here is the process:

  1. As soon as your application process is complete, you will begin your online learning and reading assignments.  This way you’ll be ready for your team training as soon as your dog’s training is complete.
  2. About three months after applying we’ll schedule a time for you to come to our facility, where you’ll be be matched with one of our service dogs in training.
  3. Six to ten months after applying.  Attend a five day team training camp at our facility in Sparta WI.
    • This is where you’ll get to know your new dog, practice all his behaviors, take your first public outing together, and really learn how your dog’s training will be useful to you.
    • Before leaving team training, you and your dog will pass the AKC CGC test.
  4. After completion of your team training, we will schedule a day for us to bring your new dog to your home where he will officially be placed with you.
  5. We then come to your home to work with you one-on-one for 12 weeks to help you with any challenges you’re facing and to prepare you for your public access test.
  6. We will then schedule your six and 12 month follow up appointments.
  7. You and your dog will need to re-take your public access test annually.
  8. If at any time you have challenges between your scheduled follow up appointments, simply call us and we’ll help you over the phone or we’ll schedule a time to come help.

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