About The Dogs

We place fully trained diabetic alert dogs and psychiatrics service dogs. In order to find top quality puppies, we partner with a handful of trusted breeders who breed only the healthiest dogs with the best temperaments.

We work mostly with standard poodles and Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers, as we find their temperaments, health, training ability, and working abilities to surpass other breeds.  

Combine that with the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever’s 35lb size or the poodle’s non-shedding coat, and they make for really great service dogs.  Occasionally, we work with other breeds including mixes, especially for people who need large service dogs, and we try to take your breed, size, and coat preference into account when choosing a dog for you.  

  1. We search for puppies who meet our health and temperament requirements, working with breeders we know and trust.
  2. A puppy comes into our program between the ages 8 and 12 weeks.
  3. Our training is unique in that while we do use puppy raiser homes, our puppies also start their formal training right a way too. The puppy lives in a puppy raiser home half the week learning all about how to live in a house and family, and stays at our place to begin his professional training the other half of the week.
  4. We take the health of our dogs very seriously. As soon as the puppies come to stay with us they receive top-notch veterinary care. Before they are placed in their new homes they will receive:
    -Testing for their eyes, elbows, and hips
    -Heartworm testing
    -Intestinal parasite screen
    -Full physical exam
    -Full blood panel to check
    -All dogs will come with a certificate of health upon placement in their new homes and a health guarantee.

The whole process generally takes between 9 and 18 months depending on quite a few factors.

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